Dobbs Stanford Consumer Products Division.

Proudly serving Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas and Louisiana.

We take pride in providing high quality audio-video products to help our dealers create the ultimate Home Theater experience. Combining audio and video processing, distribution and system control, we strive to make every project highly successful and keep you on top of today's ever changing technology.

Representing a wide range of award winning products such as Sonos, Firefly, Yamaha, Sanus, Hitachi, Sonance, KEF, Universal Remote Control and others, we have the knowledge, resources and technical accumen to provide you with the solutions for all your consumer and light commercial audio-video projects.

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To place an order: (800) 525-5965 (Fax) or Email

To inquire about an order: (214) 350-4222 or (877) 392-3456

Woody Taylor

Vice-President | 40+ years of industry experience.

Phone: (214) 350-4222 | Fax: (214) 357-0496

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Alan Leach

North Texas - Oklahoma - Arkansas Area Sales Representative | 30+ years of industry experience.

Phone: (214) 389-5205 | Fax: (214) 357-0496

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Wayne Stapper

San Antonio/Austin - West Texas Area Sales Representative | 35+ years of industry experience.

Phone: (214) 389-5244 | Fax: (214) 358-0180

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T.O. Perry

Houston - East Texas - Louisiana Area Sales Representative | 30+ years industry experience.

Phone: (214) 389-5210 | Fax: (214) 358-0180

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Angela Westbrook

Sales Administrator.

Phone: (214) 389-5200 | Fax: (214) 358-0180

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